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Gearhead Garage offers car repair help, flexible rental services for lift and flat bays to complete your own repairs (DIY), or to have one of our certified mechanics assist you in your repair. Doing your own work in our rental bays is a great way to save you money, while also having access to the equipment you need to do the job right. Gearhead Garage is one of the only DIY Garages that isn’t on a military base in the Colorado Springs area! A deposit is required to book $25.00 for a lift bay and $15.00 for a flat bay, a deposit will be refunded if canceled 24 Hours prior to appointment time.


Hourly – $20.00​/hr​


Hourly – $30.00/hr

Included with Bay Rental

Each Bay has a standard 301 piece mechanics tool box, Access to power and air hoses, Gloves and Eye Protection, Fluid, and Parts Disposal, Transmission Jack, Engine Hoist, Engine Stand, Floor Jacks.


1. Customers will be required to present photo ID and sign Release of Liability Waiver and acknowledge their consent and full understanding that this Shop will not be responsible and/or liable to its Patrons for injuries sustained by the customer while using the Shop facilities, tools, equipment in performance of automotive repair and maintenance work at the Shop.

2. All patrons must be over the age of 12, all minors under 18 must have a parent present at all times in the facility.

3. No more than 3 Patrons will be allowed in the bay area at any given time.

4. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. Any customer suspected of using alcohol or any type of prescribed or un-prescribed medication or drug will be asked to leave the facility immediately.

5. All patrons must watch a 2:50 minute video reviewing garage safety.

6. Safety glasses must be worn at all time within the Facility when performing any Automotive Work or using the equipment.

7. NO open toes shoes will be allowed within the Facility at any time.

8. Report to Gearhead Garage INC staff IMMEDIATELY for any kind of spill.

9. Smoking is PROHIBITED within the Facility at all times.

10. Rags must be disposed of into the proper containers. DO NOT throw them into the trash.

11. ONLY Gearhead Garage INC staff are allowed to move vehicles into, out or within the Facility. Customers may NOT drive any vehicle, into, out or within the Facility.

12. ONLY Gearhead Garage INC staffs are allowed to place vehicles onto the automotive lift and remove them. Customers ARE NOT permitted to re-position the automotive lift arms once the vehicle has been placed onto the lift.

13. Customers are responsible for all tools and equipment provided for them to use. All tools and equipment must be cleaned and returned in the same condition as when they were provided.

14. Use the right tool for the right job. DO NOT ABUSE OR MISUSE THEM. For example: Don’t use hand tool socket for the impact wrench, etc.

15. If you are not sure of anything, PLEASE ASK BEFORE PROCEEDING!

16. Customers must follow all the shop policies, as well as the rules and instructions given by Gearhead Garage INC staff.