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Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Look no further! Here at Gearhead Garage, we’re the most friendly, honest auto repair team in the area.

Headshot of Gearhead Garage's Business Manager, Lisa Arena

Lisa Arena | Business Manager

Lisa combines her B.A. in Business and nearly 20 years of experience in working in Automotive and Business Management to Gearhead Garage's leadership team. Following a successful career in IT, she switched gears, focusing on more hands-on problem solving in the automotive industry. She has worked every day for the last 7 years to ensure that Gearhead Garage's customers are taken care of. She strives to offer as many options for service as possible from DIY all the way to Full Service options.

“Don’t tell me it can’t be done!”

Headshot of Gearhead Garage's Foreman and Lead Technician, Wes Tresslar

Wes Tresslar | Foreman & Lead Technician

Though Wes has only been working at Gearhead Garage for the last 2 years, he has been working on cars for over 12 years. Following in his father's footsteps, Wes has put in the work to become the Foreman & Lead Technician at Gearhead Garage. He works on all makes and models and can tackle every repair or project, no matter the size. He recently completed his fastest successful engine swap on a Mazda in just over 8 hours. He constantly works to improve himself, learning from his coworkers and every vehicle that enters the garage. He holds several certifications including a Diagnostics and GDI certification. He specializes in full service repairs, after market modifications, welding, and so much more. Gearhead's DIY community loves working with Wes - he is always ready to answer questions or lend a helping hand.

Danny CEballos | Diagnostic Technician

Danny started at Gearhead Garage as a Pike's Peak Community College Automotive Technician Program Intern just over 7 years ago. His family jokes that he was born with a wrench in his hand, so it's hard to pin-point when he started working on cars. He remembers working on his first project over 16 years ago, and since then he has worked his way up to being a full-time Diagnostic Technician. Danny is a certified Diesel mechanic and specializes in diagnostics, wiring, A/C, cooling systems, custom exhaust, welding and so much more. He recently finished an LS swap on Gearhead's '71 Nova, which proved to be a very rewarding job. He loves to work on any project, but especially custom sound systems, window tinting, custom exhaust, and other aftermarket modifications.

Headshot of Selvin Loya, Technician

Selvin Loya | Technician

Selvin joined Gearhead Garage's team 2 years ago after he switched gears from a successful career in construction to turning his passion of working on cars into a steady and rewarding career as an Automotive Technician. He is a quick learner, already making a name for himself in the Chevy community for his rear window swaps. He is working towards certifications and specializes in welding, LS engines, turbo kits, HD front-end swaps, sun roofs, and custom aftermarket modifications. For Selvin, the bigger the project, the better. His most exciting project is the one he is working on now: turbo charging his Trailblazer.

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